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Come meet our all-star tyers, including:

Kevan Davidson
Scott Drake
Frank Drummond
Rod Dufour
Chuck Esch
John Fletcher
Jason Haddix
Elaine Huskey
Phil Iwane
Joe Johnson
Bill Kirk
Chris Krueger
Barbara Luneau
John Majerus
Steve Maldonado
Dennis Martin
Doug Martin
Tony McColl
Mark McMillan
Graham Moran
Dave Mosnik
John Oppenlander
Eric Pettine
Mark Rayman
Duane Redford
Jane Retherford
Domingo Rodriguez
Steve Rogers
David Sanchez
Dick Shinton
Marty Staab
Kiefer Stumpp
Rick Takahashi
Frank Whispell
Janine Whispell
Tom Ziegler

Dick Shinton
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Join us at the SVATU Tying Expo
Saturday, Feb 2, 10:00 - 2:00
$20 admission includes lunch and raffle ticket
for a two-person guided trip at Gray Reef
Silent Auction


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