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First Annual Pre-Season Upgrade Sale

You’ve had that same rod, reel or other piece of gear for years. Your fishing friends crow about how great their new outfit is. You’ve been to the Fly Fishing Show and saw all that wonderful new stuff. You NEED those new waders and boots. You deserve them. Well, now’s the time.
Bring in your old rod, reel, waders, boots, vest, whatever, and we’ll buy it from you and apply it to that new gear you’ve been wanting.
Here are some examples:
Rods- up to $100 trade in value
Reels- up to $50 trade in value
Waders- up to $100 trade in value
Boots- up to $50 trade in value
Vests- up to $25 trade in value
Lines- up to $10 trade in value
Bring that old gear in, even if it’s broken or doesn’t work.

We reserve the right not to accept trade-in items. One item per trade. Please clean waders, boots and other gear.

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